Piero Principi has been a photographer since 1986. He has done courses and seminars about managing light, which he rightly thinks is the most important and relevant aspect of the quality of a photograph. He attended a course on lighting techniques in Switzerland and at Guzzini Lighting to broaden his knowledge and further his research for the publication of a manual on lighting. In 2004 he won the international "Orvieto Photography" prize for his book "Focus on Listening", a collection of portraits of famous jazz musicians. The next year he won the second prize at the "Professional Photography Awards" an international competition for professionals in photography for advertising. He has a studio for producing publicity photography where he does work for big companies like Angelini medicines, Garolfoli Doors, Korg Italy, Alberto Guardiani and many important wine growers and silversmiths. In 2011, he had an exhibition at the Frasassi Caves. The photographs were later published in a distinguished monograph. He organizes photography and Photoshop courses for beginners and professionals. He recently published a book on lighting techniques in photography entitled "Illumination". He writes in the most popular Italian photography magazine "Tutti Fotografi".